Child Services

Group Work For Children

  • Cool Connections With CBT  (for children with mild anxiety, low mood or self esteem issues)
  • Therapeutic Stories (aimed at young children using metaphorical stories & fun activities. Covers a number of issues from making friends to loss & upset feelings).
  • Seeing Red (help for young children with frustration and/or anger
  • Overcoming bulling
  • Muddles & Puddles (help for young children who have been bereaved)
  • Rainbows (helping with loss & separation)
  • Activity Groups (fun type activities helping with self esteem and providing positive experiences)

Individual CBT and EMDR Therapy

For children, parents or adults seeking support for their own issues.  There is no age limit although with very young children parents usually need to be actively involved in treatment.

Groups For Parents

  • Parenting group 0-6  or  5-15 Programmes  (Family Centre Trust Programme)
  • The Parent Assertiveness Programme
  • The Parenting Teenagers Programme
  • Cool Connections With CBT for grown ups

Comments about the groups by children

  • “I really like the group. I like making Salt Jars and the Worry Dolls. The balloons were good too. All my memories are safe in the jar. The group gave me ideas to cope with bullies and has taken my worries away. I feel a little bit braver now. I would like to be in another group”   Co

  • "I enjoyed all of the group. It has made me feel happier to have someone to talk to who likes me". It was so much fun. I think I might start liking myself more now”  SC

  • “The group was great. I liked all the stories. The group helped me express my feelings. I would like more Laurie. I want to talk in a group again. The group helped me when my Granny died. I like the Memory Jars “  BG

  • “Yes, I really liked it. I liked making dolls and the Memory Jar. I also like the biscuits and acting. I liked the story about worrying and the one about holding feelings inside. The group help me with my sad feelings. It took away my feelings about my Nan dying. I would like another group please”   CH “

  • The group was so much fun. My favourite story was Willie and the Wobbly House. I liked the role-play and puppets too. The group helped me with confidence. It took away my worries about bombs, crashes and wars. It also helped about my dad swearing all the time. I would like another group because we all pulled together and get closer to each other”  CW 

  • “I did not know working with feelings could be fun. I thought it would be boring like learning maths in school”.  BD

  • “Laurie has helped me a lot in the group. It was helpful to express myself using puppets and drawing. It was good to talk to about myself with someone who hears me. The group helped with friendships and ideas to stand up to the bullies. Dad liked eating my feelings cakes a bit too much. I am worried now that he seems to have got fatter. Maybe I need another group to help please!  JB

  • "I loved the group and I want to do it every day". I love making the Worry Dolls and letting the feelings balloon up to the sky. My worries have blown away now”. IB

  • “The group was brilliant. I liked all the sessions even the silly stories. It is nice to have someone listen to me who does not say "shut up". The group makes you do things I don’t normally do which has given me confidence.” JC

  • “The group is sooooo cool. I think my mum needs to come. She has loads of stress. Maybe she needs Laurie to help her make a worry doll”. SG

  • “Yes, the group was brilliant. I liked the Memory Jars because my Uncle died of bone cancer. It has helped me feel much happier. I liked the story today "A Pea Called Mildred" about having dreams”LM" The group was really fun and I've had a good time. I liked smashing the tile and the balloons best. I still use my Worry Doll. It helps to talk to people. I would like another group" LW

  • "It was the best group ever. I love the group because it helped me. I like everything we did. The stories, the sand jars, and the worry dolls. I liked the puppets and the balloons as well. The group has helped me with my worries and my mum and dad fighting. It has also helped me speak out in class. I am more confident now” PB

  • "Yes, I liked the group a lot. I liked making the worry dolls. The feelings biscuits were nice too. The group helped me feel more confident and happier. I would like to break tiles again. Now I don’t feel so angry all the time. Please, please can I be in another group" BB

  • “I enjoyed the group. Smashing the tiles was brilliant and helped me express my feelings. It has helped me to get my angry feelings out from inside. I feel lighter now like a bad smell just left me. I would like more groups in the future please”  GD

Things The Children Have Made - Linked with their feelings

(Feelings cake, worry dolls, angry tiles, memory jars & resource pots)