Adult Services

Laurie is a registered mental health nurse and accredited cognitive behavioural therapist. He also has specialist qualifications in both EMDR, and NLP. Laurie is the author of the book Cool Connections (Published by Jessica Kingsley). He has a wide range of experience working people in a number of different clinical settings. He is fully accredited and receives regular clinical supervision for both his CBT and EMDR practice as meets the BABCP and N.I.C.E guidelines.

Laurie can offer convenient daytime and some evening appointments. He is also Bupa registered and can offer review of personal insurance terms for possible treatment cost cover.

General Services

• CBT or EMDR Assessments
• 1 hour CBT or EMDR consultation sessions
• Complimentary 15 minute telephone consultation prior to assessment
• Home visits if requested
• Telephone appointments
• Email support available

CBT or EMDR for the treatment of:

• Low mood and/or depression
• Anxiety problems
• Anger management difficulties
• Stress
• Panic attacks
• OCD or obsessional behaviours
• Post Traumatic Stress
• Abuse (Physical, sexual, or rape)
• Eating disorders
• Relationship difficulties
• Parenting problems
• Self esteem
• Addictive behaviours
• Problems at work

Feedback Comments:

ML (aged 45)

When I started therapy I was quite sceptical about the process. However, it has really helped me and my social anxiety symptoms have reduced significantly. It is still a work in progress but at least now I have strategies to help me cope. I also feel less ashamed about the whole thing. When I first started having CBT I was unable to tell anyone. There was even a lot I could not tell my wife. I even made a joke about myself with some work colleagues recently. Now there’s a turn around!

LR (aged 32)

After my daughter had CBT with Laurie it was so beneficial for her I thought I would try it myself. The sessions helped me realise that I needed to change also in order to help her as well as myself. We are both getting on much better together now. I would recommend this service to anyone. Thanks

JJ (aged 65)

I suffered from panic attacks for years and after lots of counselling therapy with limited success I thought I would try CBT. Laurie helped me identify safety behaviours and things that were actually making my symptoms worse. It was really interesting to find out later in therapy that part of the reason for my panic attacks was linked with some traumatic memories from my past. Following some basic CBT treatment Laurie used EMDR to treat past trauma. This has made a huge difference to my life. Would recommend both EMDR and CBT to anyone.

RB (aged 39)

Wow, the sessions have really helped me. I was in a very stuck place when I started but this CBT stuff has really turned things round for me. Many thanks

(BM aged 26)

When I first approached the CBT Service for help I was really struggling. My OCD was really bad. I had had lots of other help in the past but nothing was as effective as this. I like the fact that you get some feedback when you talk about stuff and a lot seems to be based on common sense. With other types of counselling I did not really feel I was getting any more than just a listening ear. I’m mostly over it now and doing really well. Sometimes when I’m low or stressed the ‘stinking thinking’ creeps back in but now I have the strategies to cope”

HG (aged 18)

CBT is cool. I had some problems after I split from my girlfriend. It just helped me to see things a different way. Now I get it. I have a tendency to personalise everything. Laurie helped me to put thinks in perspective and move on. At the time I just kept going over things in my mind and I couldn’t sleep. Now waking up in time for college is the problem. Seriously, I just feel much better. I’ve even got my sense of humour back …